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Businesses and Organisations

Corporate institutions must maintain their credibility in the market and content with errors can impact negatively on your profile. Through our professional business proofreading and editing services, we spot errors before your clients and stakeholders do. We specialise in identifying typos, spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes and missing words that can affect readers’ confidence in your organisation.

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Bi-lingual and multi-lingual documentation

Great Language Matters offers professional bi lingual and multilingual documentation services with great precision and quality. We understand the comprehensive requirements of our customers and offer a one-window solution for your needs.

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English as a second language

Our ESL proofreading and editing service are specifically designed to help those who write in English as a second language. We are very experienced in supporting clients with ESL and understand the difficulties they may encounter. However, we won't charge you the large amounts that other companies often do to proofread and edit your work.

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Editing for academics

Presenting an academic research report or assignment is challenging and can result in overlooking small errors and inconsistencies that only the best academic editing services can detect. Even the slightest mistake can affect the overall presentation and impact. With our eye for detail, our academic editing service help us to ensure that all errors are removed.

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Editing for authors

Great Language Matters is a bespoke editorial, service for all authors. We focus on only a handful of clients at a time. So, you can be assured of comprehensive and friendly one-to-one support.

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Personal correspondence and documents

Modern life provides few opportunities for formal, personal communication amid instant messaging and status updates. Our Personal Correspondence and Documents Editing service can deliver everything you need for your resumés, CVs, job applications and more!

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Website Proofreading

You know the value of high-quality communication and the positive impact it has on your clients, but maybe you have overlooked your website. We can extract the text from your website, edit and proofread it in Microsoft Word, and deliver the changes to you in no time.

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Professional transcription services

We provide a specialist service for all of your transcription needs; meetings, seminars, webinars, focus groups, speeches, academic and market research interviews and many more. We transcribe from both audio and video files.

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Welcome To Great Language Matters

At Great Language Matters, our primary objective is for you to be delighted with the high standard of your written communication. Our professional proofreading and editing services is backed by our skills and commitment to excellence guarantee that. With 15 years of experience in the field, our creativity and intuitive understanding of language enables us to identify errors quickly, proficiently improve language where necessary, and therefore provide you with an unmatched editing service. The result is a flawlessly clear and grammatically correct document.

We take pride in producing an extensive range of written communications, such as corporate reports, website content, press releases, HR communications, marketing and promotional materials, crisis communications, newsletters and many more.

You can submit your document to be proofread and edited by Great Language Matters with confidence, knowing that our highly professional proofreaders will edit your text with 100 percent accuracy. When you entrust Great Language Matters to proofread or edit your work, you can be confident that your edited document will be free from errors, contain correct English usage, be clear and consistent and provide a more professional image.

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